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Take a Lake Victoria Safari Holiday to watch the second largest fresh water body in the world and the largest in Africa, called Lake Victoria. Flowing over an area of 70,000 sq. km, Lake Victoria is the main source of River Nile. With a depth of 100 meters, Lake Victoria basin is a home to the Luo people.
Lake Victoria borders Kenya and Tanzania on two sides and Uganda on the third side. Although traveling to other countries via Lake Victoria is no longer possible, yet it is one of the major trade routes of Africa. Indulge in activities like fishing and seafood cooking during the splendid Lake Victoria Kenya Safari.
You will be spellbound watching the golden sunset over Lake Victoria.Try exploring the nearby islands by going on boat rides during your Lake Victoria Safari.

Bird watching is the other main activity that you can indulge in at Lake Victoria. Swamps at Kusa, Koguta and Dunga within Ruma National Park are the main places of interest that are worth watching during Lake Victoria Safaris in Kenya.
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On each of the islands, and also on nearby Takawiri Island, there are fishing camps providing boats for hire and some simple accommodation in sublime settings. Much of the business of these camps comes from the Masai Mara accommodations, where every morning, planes pick up guests for the less than half hour's flight to the lake. Takawiri Islands can be reached by road from Kisumu via Homa Bay to Mbita and by ferry from Luanda K'otieno beach, which is a 45-minutes ride on the lake's ferry. However, boating trips are an ideal way to see the best of the island and its water based attractions.

The other islands: Mbasa and Mholo islands are a few metres apart. Both are famous for abundance of bird life. Uninhabited by man, the islands have many bird species including egrets and the fish eagle. There are also many monitor lizards, which feed on eggs and birds. Visiting these islands at sunset is an incredible experience. Thousands of birds fill the air, literally carpeting both islands as they descend to roost among the rocks and trees. With the last rays of the sun turning the waters of the Lake to gold, this is one of Kenya's greatest natural spectacles. Ndere Island Game Park, a documented National Park inside Lake Victoria is another gem. Antelopes and crocodiles are in plenty.

Lake Victoria Fishing tour - Lake Victoria is famous for its fishing safaris. There is plenty of tilapia a sweet tasting local favorite caught along the Lake Victoria shores. But the real draw here is the Nile Perch (local name is mbuta), the world's largest freshwater fish. The Perch reaches massive proportions and is a formidable fighting opponent. The lakes current record is a 90 kg trophy. Fishing trips on the lake in traditional canoes powered by an outboard engine or modern speedboats can be arranged. Local, English speaking fishermen, who know the area well, operate the boats. The chances to catch a record breaking Nile Perch, 20- 60 kg should be good. Lunch and drinks can be provided if you plan a whole day’s safari on the lake. 

The next island over on Lake Victoria is Mfangano Island, which is also home to of several fishing villages. The island offers a unique opportunity to see the colorful life on the lake, where fishing villages have not changed in centuries, the bird life is superb and seeing the families of otters is an added bonus.
On the island sits the Mfangano Island Lodge, an exclusive hotel lodge with selected number of cottages and a capacity of 12 guests. Famous statesmen like US president Jimmy Carter and the Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev have enjoyed the experiences at Mfangano Island Lodge hotel.

Lake Victoria Bird watching safaris: For birdwatchers, the west is one of Kenya's richest regions. Visit Mbasa Islands for bird and reptile viewing. These twin islands are about an hour's boat   ride from the Village. In the compound of Lake Victoria Safari Village more than 150 different species of birds have been recorded per March 2002, so the area is a heaven for birders.

The waters of Lake Victoria are a natural wonder, filled with shimmering shoals of tropical cichlid fish and massive Nile Perch. The green shores and islands are alive with birds and monkeys. Hippo and crocodile wallow in the shallows while the air rings with the haunting cry of the majestic Fish Eagle. There are several interesting places to visit such as bird islands, fishing villages etc. Visit local fishing villages on the islands where you can have a chat with the local people on the beach or over a drink in the village bar.
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