Put Your K-pop Cap On

Tired of donning the same old cap? Looking for something to add variety to your headgear? This is the right review for you. Caps don’t just provide protection from environmental elements. They are fashion statements and a reflection of your personality. There are caps for every occasion, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

The Product

Fanstown has come out with caps for your favorite Korean bands. B.A.P, BTS, VIXX, GOT7, SHINee and SEVENTEEN, they’ve got it all. The product name is K-pop Snapback Team Logo Cap, and it sells for $17.50 on btsmerch.co . The base fabric is black with the group name and emblems embroidered in white. Each cap has the band name in the front and the band logo on the left side. The patterns are completely stitched and designed with the purpose of providing a three-dimensional appearance. The merchant has not specified the material for the cap but insists that it is a high-quality product. Based on the seller’s information, the cap is average sized and should fit most fans. Hand washing is suggested for the cap over machine wash. The product is dispatched with two complimentary lomo cards.


The cap resembles the photos posted by the seller. The designs are attractive. Its worth noting this is quite different from the bts beanie. It arrives with the lomo cards and an apology note from the seller for the delay in shipping. The look of the cap is more urban and modern than sporty. It doesn’t look inexpensive, and the quality is, surprisingly, good. The texture of the base material is thick and fuzzy like corduroy. The straps are adjustable, as specified. The color of the base is a deep, even black which makes the white embroidery pop even more.

The quality of the embroidery and the stitching on the cap is of a high standard, and the designs look clean and professional. The embroidery is thick which makes the designs appear raised and creates a 3D effect. It is more expensive than a regular cap, but the thread work justifies the cost.

The caps are unisex and will look good on all K-pop fans – men and women alike.


The size of the product is inconsistent. For some customers, the cap was too big. For others, it was too small. Because there is no way to select a size, a fit is not guaranteed.

The cap has a single snap. A double snap would’ve improved the fit and helped to secure it better. If you expect the fit to be like a baseball cap, you will be disappointed. The brim is stiffer than expected which makes it, somewhat, inflexible.

A couple of buyers reported that the cap that was shipped to them had the designs in print instead of embroidery. So, please check the product on delivery.

The caps come in only one color combination. Most of the buyers for this item are women. Having other options would have appealed more to this segment.


Take a break from prints and give this cap a chance. If the size works out, you’ll not regret it.

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